Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shadowmoon Cove

The pirates of Shadowmoon Cove are short, ugly and mean. The banished sailors are rogues who will poison you, and they will shadow step, instantly appearing behind you so they can avoid your attacks and stab you in the back. The wretched sailors are mages. They will attempt to cast a massive fireball if you give them enough time.

I remember when the poison hurt me badly, and those flames were devastating if I didn't silence the caster. These days I don't worry about them much. My armor is a bit better, and my arrows hit a lot harder than they did when I first discovered this sandy island off the shores of Ravenfell. I usually shrug off the poison, and I can kill those casters before they unleash their magic.

Everyday I return here to collect the things these pirates steal. They are in hot demand by the residents of the Abandoned Fortress. I am also hoping to find some high durability jewelry than can be made into a powerful item.

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