Friday, August 14, 2009

Fruit of Oblivion!

If you could purchase an item that would allow you to drop one of your classes and pick a new one would you do it? That's what Frogster is asking players of Runes of Magic. This new item will make you completely drop one of your classes. You would lose all experience, talent points, and elite skills you had earned on that class.

I have mixed feelings about this. There was a rumor a while back that there would be an item that would allow you to take on a third class. You would still only be able to select one primary and one secondary class at one time, but the third class would be there as an option. I loved that idea. I play a Scout/Mage and I was interested in leveling a Rogue for a third class so I could play a Rogue/Scout. I am already geared for the Scout and the Rogue would use the same equipment. It would be a perfect situation. Or I could choose to level Priest and then play a Mage/Priest if I wanted to start collecting cloth armor. Giving players this option would have given us a crazy SIX ways to play our characters. If you have classes A, B, and C you could play as a A/B, A/C, B/A, B/C, C/A, or C/B.

I'm assuming now that a "third class" item will never exist. It would be a cruel joke for a player to drop a class only to have an item come out that allows 3 classes.

So here's the question. Do I drop my Mage class, level a Rogue and become a Rogue/Scout?

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