Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guild Wars 2

Wow. We finally have news about Guild Wars 2. I have to admit that I never played the original Guild Wars and I really feel like I missed out. They have a 14 day free trial which is awesome for a game that doesn't have a subscription fee. I might check that out.

Really though, I feel like its too late for me to get into GW1, and there simply isn't enough information about GW2 to get me excited at this point.

Update: Okay, after reading this article over at IGN I have to say I'm a little more intrigued. Before WoW came I out I really thought that MMO games would become more and more dynamic. Even in DAoC there were quests where you would talk to NPCs and a whole bunch of monsters would spawn and you'd have to help a couple of guards defend a bridge. I thought things would evolve in that direction. WoW seems to have stalled the hunger for dynamic persistent worlds. WAR brought public quests which brought a tiny bit of dynamic content in a persistent context, but it sounds like Guild Wars 2 will take this to the next level.

I'll quote Eric Flannum from the article I linked above to explain:
Imagine for a second that you're strolling through the local military garrison when you hear a scout start shouting about a centaur column that has been sighted approaching. The soldiers are quick to action, shutting the gates and ordering archers up onto the walls. You and some of your fellow players watch as the centaurs batter at the gates with axes while their archers clear defenders from the walls and shots from their catapults arc overhead. It's a tense moment until the gate falls, and as you rush into the gap to fend off the centaurs you are joined by other players and guards who are all intent on saving the garrison. If you succeed, the garrison will hold and may launch a counterattack on the trading post where the centaurs came from. If you fail, it's a desperate fight as soldiers pour from the nearby town and attempt to retake their fortress. Scenarios like this are exactly the sort of thing that allows our event system to shine and we think players will be really pleased with how it has turned out.

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